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Clousure's & Frontal's

If you’re interested in getting a weave or making a wig, a natural look is an absolute must! You’ve already got the bundles, but now you have to decide if you’d like to finish your look off with a closure or frontal. How do you know what is right for you?

Both closures and frontal pieces are great because they eliminate the need for leaving hair out in attempts to create a natural look. All of our closures and frontals are hand-knotted to allow flexible parting and a more realistic looking hairline. Both can be used as a solution to hair loss as well. If you’re experiencing some thinning at the top of your head, a closure would be great to cover that up! If you need a bit more coverage, a frontal is the perfect solution, as it completely covers your hairline.

Various Sizes

One of the biggest differences between a closure and a frontal is the size. Closures are typically 4x4 in size and cover the very top of the head. A frontal, however, come range in size. The most common length of a frontal is ear to ear, which covers the entire hairline. This allows you to part your hair however you’d like. A more recent development, is the game-changing 360° frontal. This frontal covers the entire perimeter of the head, allowing for maximum versatility when it comes to styling the hair. 360° frontals allow the wearer to not only pull the hair back, but also put the hair into various updos.


Base Material

When considering which product to purchase, it’s important to understand your needs. Our closures are available in swiss lace, silk base, and skin base materials. Swiss lace is the most common base for both closures and frontals. This lace is made of a universal color that blends with most skin tones. These closures are created with a light, silk material that is meant to mimic the scalp. Those who want a more realistic look prefer silk base. A skin base closure provides the most natural look as it not only looks like a scalp but it feels like one too. However, due to the PolyFlex material, we highly recommend glueing down these closures instead, as any other installation method may damage the base of the closure.


Closures are the most common and simplest answer for your unit. A closure works best for those who are looking to stick to a budget and are interested in maintaining the same style throughout their wear.


Frontals provide the most versatility. If you enjoy changing up your look often, frontals are your best option. For those of you who want to pull the hair back, a regular lace frontal will do just fine. But for those of you who want absolute styling freedom, the 360° frontal is the perfect solution for your hair needs. A 360° frontal has more hair, which allows you to use less bundles and have complete control over the hairline.

Have you tried a closure or frontal before? Let us know in the comments which one you prefer and why!